Friday, November 29, 2013

8:15 PM

How to Eliminate Scars with Home Remedies

 Scars or dark spots or acne mark on the skin are very disturbing the appearance and can reduce self-confidence. In addition to hard to be removed, the scar will also make us uncomfortable in clothes. For the many who have tried various ways eliminate these scars, either naturally or in an instant, but the results are not as expected. Due to scar removal requires a long time to eliminate.

For you who want to try to eliminate scars quickly , please see the details in the following article will discuss about how to get rid of scars using natural materials and traditional.

Lemon juice has vitamin that can remove scars on the skin. You do this simply by taking 1 lemon, then divide into sections, then apply on the scars. Then rinse using warm water. For the first time the use of the skin will feel slightly sore on the skin, but do not worry because it is a process to eliminate the black spots on the skin.


In addition to lime, cucumber can also be useful to reduce or eliminate scars on the skin. The trick is also very easy, just blend cucumber, then apply in the scar and leave on for the whole night. Does it every night before bed until the scars disappear regularly?

besides beneficial for your health, honey can also be useful for removing scars or dark spots on the skin. The trick is also very convenient that just by applying honey on the scar and let stand overnight. Does it every day on a regular basis until the scars fade and disappear. Its also same case with Acne.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is believed efficacious in removing scars and acne scars on the face and body. You do this simply by applying the scar with olive oil on a regular basis. And the scars will fade and disappear by it.

Niagara Seed Oil of Roses
Rose hip seed oil has been widely used in various beauty products and has been clinically proven to eliminate scars on the skin and eliminate acne scars. How to wear it?  Just by doing regular massage on the scar for 15 minutes, do it once every 2 days.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

8:00 AM

How to Prevent Dry Hair with Banana

Damage to the hair must be prevented, treatment naturally using a banana can help repair your dry hair.

Dry and damaged hair will be a scary thing for women. Colored hair, often get exposure to chemicals, and do not get enough nutrients make hair become dry, rough and damaged. To restore the beauty of hair, you can use natural ingredients, one of which is bananas.

How can bananas make hair soft? Bananas contain lactic acid that can restore hair vitality. In addition, lactic acid keeps pH of scalp balance. Plus other ingredients such as honey, olive oil and milk, soft hair will come back and get nutrition.


1-3 bananas, adjust the length of your hair

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp milk

Application Method:

 1.  Puree bananas, if you want fast, banana blender until smooth, add the other ingredients until well blended.
 2.  On dry hair, apply a hair mask. You can use it from the base of the hair or just end it.
 3.  Wrap your head with a towel, or can use a plastic bag.
 4.  Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes.
 5.  Wash hair as usual.
 6.   Dry hair with aerated or use a hair dryer cold wind.

You can do a hair mask once a week.

Monday, November 25, 2013

8:30 AM

How to Overcome Acne with Home Remedies

Acne has always been # FirstWorldProblem that could destroy the mood instantly inflamed acne will feel stiff and painful due to pus in it.

Actually, this kind of acne is caused by bacteria and dirt collaborates causing inflammation. Is Propionibacteria which usually disrupt the skin and the appearance of the area was never excused. PMS, pregnancy, oily skin, is an easy target that allows acne appears on the chin.

If not treated, it will be nesting and thrives in the area. Leaving the pain as well as itching insistently. Well, here is how to overcome them.

Steaming the face

To make acne become dry steamed face with warm water that has been mixed with some essential oils such as tea tree.     The pores will open and tea tree will go in treating the skin. Combating the bacteria that cause acne, make acne so mature then pus removed.
No need to push, this kind of acne usually easily broken. You only need to prepare the cotton that had been given alcohol or antibacterial.


There is one ingredient that turns a powerful tackle acne inflammation. Take 2-3 cloves grains, then boiled in boiling water. Let it sit for a while and wait to cool. Use to wash the parts with acne.

Mix sandalwood

Mix sandalwood powder with yogurt, and then apply the mask on the face. Allow to half dry later rinsed thoroughly. Acne will dry and disappear quickly without leaving a stain.

Mix lime juice

Apply a little lemon juice on the acne. Mask for a moment and let it be absorbed deep into the skin.
This is a powerful way to make your own acne dry. But when it appeared the wound should not be continued because it can lead to irritation.


grab a banana then puree. Apply as a mask to create dry acne. This mask also overcomes the potent acne scars.

To help keep acne averse stuck; make sure to clean your face regularly. Drink plenty of mineral water to help maintain skin moisture.

Beside to care acne, you also can use banana to  prevent dry hair.

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To use honey, read How to Use Honey for Acne 

Coconut Oil
Yes, this essential oil also can make you away from acne. How to use? Read How to Use Coconut Oil for Acne

Saturday, November 23, 2013

9:00 AM

How to Make Natural Mask For Overcoming Blackheads

Blackheads does look small but if in any further notice blackheads can also interfere with the appearance of your beautiful face . An easy way to remove blackheads we offer you a way to use masks with natural ingredients.

Excess oil on the face and rarely clean the skin is the main cause of blackheads. Blackheads usually appear in the form of dark spots containing liquid oil contained in the nose and chin area. To get rid of stubborn blackheads takes a variety of special treatments, such as facials at the salon, use a mask to remove blackheads or dermatologist to perform maintenance that requires much money.
You can actually try to make a mask to remove stubborn blackheads, besides cheap there is no side effect.  Make face masks to remove blackheads is easy, it only takes a little time and materials to process it. In addition to the natural ingredients used to make the masks are also very easy to obtain.

Want to know what are the natural ingredients that can be used as a mask to remove blackheads? Let us look at the following article:

Egg white
Egg whites can be useful to clear blackheads and help tighten and nourish skin. Prepare 1 egg, then separate yolks and whites. Use only the whites and stir briefly until smooth. Apply on the skin and let sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

Bananas can be useful to make skin look smoother and cleaner the stubborn blackheads. The trick is crushed 1 ripe banana, and then adds little honey, apply to entire face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and refresh with cold water.

Baking Soda
Baking soda can be used to clean the annoying blackheads and acne. The trick is also very easy simply by mixing baking soda with water, and stir until blended. After that, apply evenly to the skin that has been cleaned. Let stand for 2 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

That's some way to make a mask to remove blackheads with natural ingredients. Hopefully this article can help to eliminate the problem stubborn blackheads.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

9:00 AM

How to Make Hair Naturally Straight

Hair is the crown of a woman who needs to be maintained. However, not many people know how to care for a good hair. In fact, most women prefer to straighten your hair or use chemicals that damage the health of your hair. Here is a natural way to straighten your.

1. Banana and papaya

Banana puree and ripe papaya. Then add 2 tsp of honey and brush to all parts of the hair. Once dry, rinse your hair with cold water. Wait until the hair is completely dry! To obtain maximum results, do this treatment twice a week.

2. Coconut milk and lime juice

pour the coconut milk into a bowl. Then, mix the lime juice. Put it in the fridge and leave until thickened. Apply a thick cream to the entire hair, including the scalp. Then wrap your hair with a hot towel for 1 hour and rinse. Do this treatment three times a week to get straight hair naturally.

3. Conditioner

Conditioner is one of the natural care products that can give effect to the hair straight. Apply evenly on hair conditioner and massage gently. Then rinse and dry your hair.

Everyone has different hair types. Some are straight, some are curly. However, you also should be aware that curly hair cannot be straight. Except if you straighten it “forcibly " with the help of hair straightening package.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6:59 PM

How to Tighten Cheek

Has a gaunt cheek indeed become every woman’s dream? But, what if your cheeks are round and plump? Certainly cannot be changed, except to disguise it with makeup or the most extreme plastic surgery.

Actually there is another way to make the shape more beautiful cheeks, with tighten. You can do it with simple facial exercises. The effect can reduce fat and tighten facial muscles. Just follow the steps below.

Conflate cheek
many thought that conflate cheek make cheek muscles so bad. Instead, as reported by the Times of India, this is a good exercise for facial muscles.

Take a deep breath, fill your mouth with air, hold five seconds, and then remove it slowly. You can also do this exercise with blowing balloons until fluffy.

Lip shape “O "
Squeeze your lips and open your mouth gradually became a form of “O “. This movement to freeze for 15 seconds before releasing it and repeat eight to 10 times every day . This will strengthen the muscles of the cheek.

Massaging the face can improve blood circulation and improve metabolism. It would be very good for your skin and facial muscles. Do while cleaning your face or when applying moisturizer.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

9:00 AM

How to Introducing Sleep Patterns in Infants

Quality sleep is an important prerequisite for the baby's health. The experts also said that the bed will stimulate the baby's brain growth. Therefore, parents should make sure babies sleep needs are met.

But most babies did not have a consistent sleep schedule because they do not know the difference between day and night. This condition often leave parents exhausted because must accompany child who is actually awake at night and sleep during the day.

Even so infants can adapt to its environment. You can set the sleep patterns of babies so they can adjust when the time to sleep and when to wake up.

- Create a consistent schedule.

This method can be started with reduced activity at night and make the environment calm. Dim the lights in the room, set the soft music, or sing your own songs to lull your baby. Always repeat this schedule every night so that children are accustomed.

- Create a comfortable

So hours before sleep, place your baby in the basket and let them sleep. May occasionally calm them when they was awake and crying, but do not directly lifted from the bed. It's to get back to sleep so they could by it. This method may take several weeks before your baby accustomed and soundly through the night.

- Play time

at the age of several months is usually when children are awake during the day more. Use this time to ask him to play so that children know that day is a long time.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

6:10 PM

How to Teach Good Behavior in Pre-School Children

Many parents longed for children who behave polite and cute. Basically, every parent can have a child like that if they were taught by giving real-life examples.

Children are the great imitator. Parents will be their role model in acting and spoken word. Good habits will last forever. Teach good habits as early as possible as well as the foundation for make their personality in the future.

Therefore try to apply good habits from you so that they follow, starting from:


Now it's time for you to teach them the importance of hygiene and habits to be clean. Teach them the importance of bathing every day, cutting the nails, washing hands before eating, and cleaning hands after using the toilet.


It relates to personal hygiene and neatness. It is natural for preschoolers are still a mess, but you have to teach them the importance of having a neat habit. Begin by working closely with them to put toys back in place and set it neatly.


Preschoolers need direction right from your side to understand the concept of respect. Teach them to respect others, not only to respect the elderly, but also taught to respect their fellow human beings.


List of good habits for preschoolers should certainly include timeliness in it. Teach them the benefits of proper time.


Obedient and submissive nature of teaching for preschoolers may be a difficult task. However, interacting with them in a positive way by offering encouragement and love can help them grow in obedience and compliance. Perform this process with great affection.


At preschool age children, the meaning of honesty might not have been so understood. But start giving an example by always do right, for example on time, keep their promises to children, willing to admit mistakes, and do not tell lies.

Sleeping habits

it’s important to teach preschoolers to have good sleep habits. Tell them, sleep late or too late is not good for their health. Parents also should behave the same if you want your child to have healthy sleep habits.