Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To Have a Baby Girl With Shettles Method

Despite having boys and girls are equally happy; sometimes parents want to choose the gender of their children. Once getting the boy-or a lot of boys-parents usually crave to have a daughter in the midst of their families. Through this article, we will try to help increase the odds of Mom and Dad to have a daughter with the Shettles method.

Steps that should Mama and Papa do is:

 Engage in intercourse two to three days before ovulation and avoid intercourse just before ovulation until two days after ovulation and when Mama experiencing peak cervical fluid: The idea here is that when Mama had sex several days before ovulation, the sperm only "girls" the X chromosome was the one who still survive in the female reproductive tract waiting time to conception after the egg is released.

Having sex with shallow penetration: To have a daughter with the Shettles method,

Shettles recommends "missionary position" or any position that will put a little bit away from the sperm cervix, because it will benefit the X chromosome sperm move slower but can survive longer.

We recommend that women avoid reaching orgasm: Shettles suggests women avoid orgasm for as it makes the vaginal environment becomes more alkaline, and less acidic, and it does not benefit sperm "girls" with the X chromosome

If Mama takes longer than expected to get pregnant, it is generally not recommended for Mama and Papa tried to choose either sex because it could make the Mama-Papa to wait any longer. Good luck has a daughter with the Shettles method.

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