Monday, November 10, 2014

How To Have Baby Boy Through the Shettles Method

Having a child is a highly coveted gift of all parents. Currently expecting her first child usually Mom and Dad will not look at whether the fetus in the womb Mom-sex male or female. Not with the second pregnancy, third, and so on. If you already have a girl, usually a parent will continue to try to get a little hero at home. Through this article we will give you one way to have a baby boy through the Shettles method.
Perform intercourse as close to ovulation time: the idea here is, as the carrier of Y chromosome sperm move faster than the sperm with the X chromosome, just before ovulation there will be more sperm with the Y chromosome to reach the egg, so that the sperm with the Y chromosome who will fertilize the egg.
Mom and Dad should avoid sexual intercourse for four to five days before ovulation. Having sex only when Mama was ovulating or shortly thereafter.
Make sex that allow husband do deep penetration. To have a baby boy through the Shettles method, Shettles suggests intercourse from behind (doggy style). The idea is that, through this position, the sperm will come out near the cervix where the vagina is more appropriate fluid for sperm with the Y chromosome and a "boy sperm" had a greater chance to survive because they should take a trip is not too long.

Dad should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight: both types of heat can kill sperm, but will kill the Y chromosome sperm are smaller and less protected faster, according to Shettles.

When dealing Mama try to reach orgasm: According to Shettles, female orgasm increases the alkaline secretions in the vagina that is more appropriate for the Y chromosome sperm carrier Shettles recommends for women to reach orgasm before or simultaneously with their partner.

If Mama takes longer than expected to get pregnant, it is generally not recommended for Mom and Dad tried to choose either sex because it could make the Mom - Dad to wait any longer.

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