Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Prevent Child Being Picky Eater

Difficulty eating or always reject food that is not his favorite or picky eater common in toddlers. This condition is not only irritating but also makes parents anxious about the nutritional adequacy.

Feeding a toddler is simple, before he learned to understand the independence and favorite foods. For the parents need to get around for the little guy do not turn into a "monster" at mealtimes.

Here are some tips that can be practiced parents to prevent children become picky eater.

1. Recommend since the beginning
Introduce different types of flavors of food from the beginning, even before he could chew. Some experts say if a fetus in the womb can feel what's already eaten his mother. So, since you are pregnant you should eat a variety of healthy foods.

You can forward habit of eating different types of food when breastfeeding time so the baby began to recognize the taste of food through breast milk. Then begin to introduce vegetables before fruit first. If the child later reversed tend to prefer sweet flavors.

2. Only eat in the house
Only serve healthy food at home and do not make the difference between a child and parent menu. Forget the habit of storing a variety of unhealthy snacks in your fridge.

3. Eating together
The children always imitate those around him, especially his parents. Because it sees you always eat healthy food will encourage them to do the same. If children want to try the food on your plate so that the experience he can give it to the taste and texture of food is getting rich.

Avoid making a distinction between "kid foods" with food "parents". If the child is old enough to understand the explanation, telling that he is now a "big boy" and eats adult food like father's mother. The concept of the "big boys" will usually make the children proud and more willing to switch foods.

4. Hide nutritious food
Make sure that any kind of snacks that children eat nutritious. You can hide healthy foods in a variety of favorite foods. For example, hide spinach and carrots in the batter cakes. Or if your child is like eating French fries, vegetables make fried flour-coated pieces.

5. Start with the rules of the "one bite"
A large platter with different types of food can make kids feel pressured to spend. Better serve in small portions to a type of food that children eat more intrigued. After he spent, he may want to choose other foods eaten. Tell your child how delicious the food that you have created and make sure you eats well and enjoy it.

6. Wait hungry
Children who are hungry will usually be easier to eat all the food offered. But wait until hungry children can make parents anxious because there are children who seem never hungry despite eating a slice of bread a day recently.

Offer food to children at mealtimes. If the child is always rejected, do not immediately give up and make him some milk.

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