Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Best Age to Get Pregnant

viewed from fertility problems, a lifespan of 20's the best decade to conceive and bear children. According to Judith Albert, reproductive endocrine fertility consultant physician, there was no significant difference between the women at the beginning and end of the age of 20, all of which have a high fertility rate. And the average woman's fertility peaks are in the age of 24 years.

When viewed from a physical problem, the following advantages of pregnant at the age of 20, which has:

The smaller risk infants with genetic disorders. The ovaries will also aging, like people’s age.  The quality of egg also decreasing. That's why the young woman's eggs, when compared to older women, have less risk of a genetic disorder that can lead to, among other things, Down syndrome.

The risk of miscarriage is lower when pregnant in your 20s. When compared, the risk of miscarriage 20s women is much lower than that of older women that is: about 10% for women in their 20s, 20% for women mid to late 30s, and about 35% for women in early 40a-n.

Besides that, pregnant on 20 can lower risk to getting other problems such as fibroids and endometriosis. This problem  can grow and become a major problem over the course of time.

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