Monday, June 30, 2014

7:30 AM

How to Getting Rid of Mushrooms in Car’s Glass

Scorching heat and heavy rains come now uncertain. Inevitably the natural conditions cause some adverse effects on the car. One of them arising as a result of auto glass mushroom in rain droplets dry because of the heat.

Clean it not just makes it shiny or beautiful. Without realizing it, the glass looks clear will help visibility when driving. Clearer view, especially at night is good to eliminate light refraction effect from the outside. No need to spend a long time to make it happen, we scout car so you make the glass clear and clean.

Before starting, it is worth noting that most glass cleaners containing ammonia. Compound of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3) is often used as a very powerful mix for mildew and spots disappear, due to the dirty water that has dried up old or used animal dung.

But beware, not all match the original car glass (Japan, Korea or Europe). Types of tinted windows are not in accordance with the application materials. The effect is not glass so clean, just add opaque. To find auto glass specification, can be seen in the bottom corner. Also you can see in the product label says "ammonia free" or "safe for tinted windows".

Here are the steps to eliminate mold and clean the glass.

1. Clean the windshield with clean water.

2. Sure where to wash and polish the glass protected from the hot sun. This can cause the cleaner lookups dries quickly, and leaves a residue which resulted in the emergence of flex on the glass surface.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to get the most current polish, if no, can use ordinary cloth.

4. Rub or spray the glass to be cleaned using drugs and then wipe with a cloth to look clear.

5. Rinse the area with water. Continue until the entire glass polished.

6. FIRST windshield because it has a high degree of difficulty. Do not worry when the drug glass polishing touches the car body, quickly rinse the surface with water so as not to damage the paint.

7. Repeat the above process if you are not getting maximum results.

8. Read some regulations on glass cleaner because there are certain specifications that must be considered, although in general all have the same steps.

Friday, June 27, 2014

8:30 AM

How to Improve Children's Concentration

Concentration is the ability to focus or sustain attention to something within a certain time frame. Low concentration levels will result in a variety of bad effects for children, among other duties neglected child or children to be like "forgetful", his objects are often missed, even lost because of the lack of attention span, branched mind, could not focus.

There are several things you can do school or teacher, that child is more concentration. Include the following:

1. provide a sense of security and comfort
Provide safety, comfort, serious but relaxed learning. Students who feel unsafe, uncomfortable and too casual will not be able to concentrate well and easily distracted. All matters related to the learning environment, classroom atmosphere, and the way teachers teach very big influence on a child's concentration.

2. Enthusiastic Create child
Enthusiastic is the base of concentration. Invites students to always be enthusiastic about the tasks given. This can be assisted by the teacher by providing learning tasks are fun and challenging and within reach of the child to be able to finish it. Teachers can also use the method of learning in class right so as to increase the concentration of student learning. The material is also presented in a way that caught his attention students. That way, the child will increase concentration.

3. Provide the belief that children are able to

with self-confidence, concentration of children will double, Give confidence or self-esteem in children, they are able to do a given learning task. However self-confidence greatly affects a child's success in learning. With the confidence that they are able to learn the material or do the job then they will be able to do well. Concentration will be full for the child to learn.

4. Create a clean environment

Prioritizing conditions clean and healthy environment for the growth and development of children and free from pollution. Research Ir Puji Lestari, PhD (air pollution experts from ITB), a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, USA shows, air pollution in large cities which contain lead in excess of the threshold in the child's body, can lower intelligence quotient (IQ). Not only has that, the high lead levels also distracted the child's learning.

5. Create a safe house atmosphere
Create the atmosphere of home and school are safe, comfortable and quiet for the development of children's learning. Home and school atmosphere which is free from violence and bullying behavior in children so that the children feel at home and are motivated to learn and go to school.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

8:30 AM

Money Saving Tips for Fashion Shopping

Frugal when met clothes or other fashion discount? This is one of women problems.

Women generally love shopping activities, ranging from daily necessities to the fashion business. Mall, become one point of hunting clothing and fashion accessories are complete. Well, for you people with shopaholic syndrome, maybe a few tricks below can help control your hobby shop.

Choose the plain

if your shopping budget is limited, choose clothing with safe colors are plain. Later, this type of clothing can be sweetened with other accessories. Usually this sort of dress is much cheaper than the patterned because the basic nuances.

Shopping on weekdays

Avoid shopping at the weekend. Many brands and stores offer promo on weekdays. Anyway, with the amount of free time on the weekends, you have had so many opportunities to choose, try, and then tempted and interested to purchase a variety of clothes that you try.

Prioritizing match

nowadays, people tend to dress as seen brand. Famous brands tend to be expensive and usually give rise to a sense of its own prestige that makes you give up the funds to buy it. Pay attention to the fashion choices try it first, whether in accordance with the character, taste and shape of your body.

Apply priority

Make a list of clothes that you need according to your needs. For example, bright color blazer for a meeting at noon, long white overalls for a seminar, or gold platform shoe models for the evening party. By making the following list, you can shop without worry about buying goods that will not be used.

Make the Sale

is not it fun to get stuff you had at bargain prices? When you love the goods, do not rush to buy it, wait until the store brand or hold a discount, to get a cheaper price. The risk clearly is the difficulty finding the right size. However, you can work around this by selecting multiple items of different models and motives are not the market, usually dress like this is not very popular.

Monday, June 23, 2014

9:05 PM

Cotton Jersey Fabric Care Tips

Synonymous with base material for sports shirts, cotton jersey is actually also used for dress and dress materials. Inherent characteristics and fell right in the body, and is elastic, made a lot of people like to wear the jersey fabric in the manufacture of women's fashion.

Jersey, initially only made of wool, but is now made of a mixture of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. The origin of the mention of jersey fabric is derived from the name of the island of Jersey which is the largest island of the group of islands known as the Channel Islands, located between England and France.

Care cotton jersey is divided into three parts, one step at the time of washing, while drying, and when ironing.

Try to wash your jersey clothing made not to use the machine, but by hand. Sprinkle detergent in a

Let the water go down by itself, without the need squeezed twisted manner. Drying jersey by using a clothes hanger and try not drying jersey material in places exposed to direct sunlight.


Do not been ironed shirt jersey with high heat levels with any other fabric coated on it. Why? Because its can make writing or images contained in jersey easy to peel. Iron be easily attached and etched in jersey material. The texture of yarn in jersey material and tangles easily decompose. Instead, put a piece of cloth on top while ironing jersey material.
medium-size bucket, then fill water in a bucket of water and stir until foamy. Enter Jersey into the bucket. Soak jersey material for about 2 to 3 minutes. Jersey should not be soaked too long, and do not be rubbed jersey material because it will make the color fade and tangle easily.