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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Choose the Good Egg

Eggs become one of the must-carry groceries home. Basically, the eggs can be processed into a variety of delicious foods, from cakes, stir fry meals, and soup. That why almost everyone likes to eat eggs.

However, to produce delicious egg-based foods, you should choose a good quality eggs.  Quality of the eggs can not be seen only from the physical appearance or the shells alone. Here are tricks to choose fresh eggs.

1. Binoculars egg
the most powerful way to see the quality of the eggs is by using binoculars eggs. This binocular function is to see the conditions inside the egg.

Binoculars are really just a simple tool made of plywood, which is shaped like a box and given a light in it. The box was then given two holes in it to "peek" eggs.

How it works, put the eggs in a box, and binoculars in the flame of the lamp. If current binoculars, the eggs are not clear then the egg is not fresh anymore. Unfortunately, not all supermarkets provide these binoculars at the egg counter.

2. Shake
If telescoped difficult way, there is another way to pick the eggs, shake the eggs. You can also use this method when choosing eggs bulk in supermarkets. Choose eggs that look perfect, and then shake the eggs as she listened. When shaken, the eggs will give voice and movement.

If when shaken yolk was moved and follows the direction of your movement, this indicates eggs are not fresh... Yolk signifies moving the cord (which binds to the shell of the egg yolk) has been lost, and this is usually due to prolonged storage period.

3. Size
Everyone will want to choose a large egg. Small size of the eggs was more easily assessed quality. Large eggs (one kilo of grain contains 14-15) apparently resulted from an old chicken. As a result, these eggs have thinner shells than small eggs.

Thin egg shells will be more vulnerable to damage and cause fine cracks. Fine cracks will make the pores open and the shell into the air. Entry of air can make the contents of the egg so easily damaged and rotten. In the end, the size of the eggs will also affect the shelf life of eggs.

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